You are more expensive relative to most videographers. Why?

Let’s just put it this way. The rate we give out is our perceived value of our work. We are very proud and have high regard for what we do, we continually invest in equipment and technology that will make the videos better. We make sure that every client is more than satisfied and happy with our work. We make it a point to prove that we are worth every centavo paid to us.

What is the Cinematic Highlights Film?

This is the final output we deliver to clients a few months after the wedding. It is a beautiful, artistic, tapestry of film and music you would want to watch over and over again. Where as the Same Day Edit is a trailer, this is the full movie, with the best parts of the ceremony and reception included.

What is your style?

Our cinematography is journalistic. We let things unfold by themselves, letting events blossom and people breathe. Our storytelling and editing span different styles and transcend labeling. However we edit, the point is to arrest the audience and take your breath away.

Who picks the music?

I do. Please allow me that. As a person who has been doing this for more than a decade, I kinda already get the feel for what kind of music suits the events which unfolded. More importantly, we pay for and license the music of films that we put online, Licensing (1) supports and respects the artists who make the music (2) validates our own creation and work of art without the shroud of intellectual property rights infringement (3) makes me feel good about myself as an artist. If you have any ideas though, I’m always ready to listen.

Do you shoot outside of the Vietnam?

As a matter of fact we do. We’ve done Los Angeles, Singapore, San Francisco, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Czech Republic. Which is pretty damn far too if you ask me. Yes we fly.

What makes you different from other videographers?

We take our philosophy in shooting very seriously. We take great lengths to remain as unobtrusive and candid as possible. We pride ourselves with excellent camerawork further enhanced by exceptional editing, and of course… world peace.

Why does it take so long to edit the video?

As I mentioned, I am not a wedding video factory. We try to make each video distinct from the rest, nothing generic. This philosophy leads us to long excruciating hours, days and weeks of editing the video. I am not offering any excuses, it’s just the way it is. If you’re looking for a quick and speedy turnaround, I may not be what you are looking for.